Anarchosyndicalist Conference Call

rojinegraThe Levante Regional Confederation of the CNT-AIT invites all unions, groups and individuals, contrary to the drift of the “yellow CNT” to a Confederal Conference to be held on 25 and 26 June, in order to re-sctructure CNT-AIT.

The agenda (OD) will be:
1) Accreditations and presentation.
2) Re-structuration, through a Congresual process.

Attendees should contact by email to:
The email should include accreditation from the union they represent, and in the case of individuals availing themselves, should provide the endorsement of a union or group they represent at the Conference. In the answer to the mail place and time will be given, along with a simple methodology for the meeting.

-The deadline date to confirm attendance at the conference will be Sunday, June 19th.
-Friday, June 17th is the deadline for submitting written briefings to the OD.
-Date of the Confederal Conference is June 25th and 26th.

The events have precipitated the need to confront frontally the domestic attack of which CNT has been subject, obliging us to take initiatives in a direct, clear and transparent way. This appeal is not jut addressed to unions still within CNT or expelled, but to all sincere syndicalists of the Spanish state and affinity anarchists.

Our carelessness to react firmly to this shameful process which is taking place, confirmed step by step, has also transmitted to IWA a splitting process. This misappropriation of the IWA is due to the moral inconsistency and principles of the same people who keep on “cleaning”, through voting, the anarcho-syndicalist organization. This situation is largely our responsibility; we let almost unanswered the fact that CNT had publicly raised a split of the IWA, in their claims of “refounding” it, and have delayed the time for a restructuring –more than necessary in our view–, with the aim to reset CNT in the place from which has been evicted as a part of the libertarian movement. This is no time to hesitate or wait. The reason assists us and the will is firm. We understand, as a necessary consequence, that we have to build and present a real organization in response to this intended split of the (AIT) IWA, and serving at the same time to fight those who are also the main promoters of the transformation of the revolutionary character of the CNT into a social democratic ideological entity geared towards mass integration in the system. We can say that the main elements that until today have promoted splitting processes internally in the Federation are the same that have driven the splitting process within the (AIT) IWA.

The CNT has already raised in some reports of its general- secretary the intentions that internationally pretend to promote both the US and the FAU, and the CNT itself. We imagine that will set them into motion this year. We recall that in June these three sections intend to call for an international conference, with the aim of vetoing some organizations while endorsing and decide the possible invitation of other entities that are not yet in the (AIT) IWA, but that ¡curiously! Belong to the “rojinegra coordinating committee”. We recall that these two international conferences will be just previous steps for the Congress they have in mind to call for and organize in December. This Congress is aimed to encourage a split within the (AIT) IWA and impose their suggestions, defended particularly by CNTE, but that they were unable to sneak in past International Congresses. It possibly will coincide with the dates of the IWA Congress to be held in Poland, preventing that sections attending a Congress can attend the other, or seeking the complicity of some of them against the others. We imagine though that many sections have already made a decision about the legitimacy of the Congress and the organization.

Since the “desfederación” of Levante Regional, we have been moving at our pace, without pause, forward, to the logical conclusions of our anarcho-syndicalist idea and practice. This has led us, more than a year later, to strive to implement a restructuring agreement of CNT regardless of the infamous who have already being identified; taking it for granted as a hygienic purifying process, not a split. The reorganization of our regional and the request to adhere to IWA were the first steps, facing the pressures of the yellow CNT, defending our premises and identity. In any case, the time for words is gone; now it´s time to put the “arms” on the table and act together.

Inside CNT, we believe that little can be done at the organic level that has not been done. Most regional unions have been purged of anarcho-syndicalists individuals. Unions that could oppose it are controlled within their regional by means of votes, and if not, at confederal level would be neutralized. If there is anything left to do we believe that it will be reside in the aim of supporting a restructuration of the CNT-AIT marginalizing and excluding corrupt unions.

If we let more time go by, within months we will presumably arrive to a situation such as:
-On the one hand, a CNT that promotes a split within the IWA through a Congress convened with a group of unions who claim to defend the IWA, but are part of a schismatic and yellow organization.

-On the other hand, a set of organized unions asking for adherence to IWA as Spanish section. Over time, the Spanish section will consist of all the unions that agree to be in an anarcho-syndicalist organization representing the IWA in this region ready to fight the yellow CNT.

The question, now, is to define the role we are going to play irrespective of whatever public statements, a thing that so far only the Levante regional has done. Our proposal as Levante regional, is to restructure the CNT; reclaim us as legitimate representatives of the IWA, without cancelling our membership, and go for a Congress to re-structuring the CNT, in which to finally decide future scopes of anarcho-syndicalism in our territory.

The inactivity of the unions and the libertarian movement, is making now, in this sense, way to reformists and authoritarians within the CNT and the IWA so that they destroy what it is left. The anarcho-syndicalist comrades who do not take the steps to create and defend this organization made up under firm principles, and who stay in a expelling (desfederadora) CNT which splits off IWA and at the end gets together with organizations disassociated from anarcho-syndicalism, would unfortunately be deciding de facto which CNT they choose and where they belong to.

Unions, individuals or groups that will join, contributing and endorsing our proposal, will be in the future the Spanish IWA section or supportive companions. These who do not join us, will be members or will have given way to a split off IWA driven by a reformist sector. We have concluded such result as our theoretical approach, and it is just aimed to strengthen our common ideological convictions to act correctly.

You all know the two public writings Levante ( “declaration of intent ” and ” response to yellow CNT on the IWA ” ) , through which our intentions and approach are clear enough. We add now this proposal of an anarcho-syndicalist Congressional process, which we hope will be well received and made yours. It is our responsibility to respond with unity and solidarity, and is just this response that we want to enforce .

We are facing a historic opportunity to restructure , fraternally , the anarcho-syndicalist organization which will embody the principles of revolutionary internationalism in the territory of the Spanish state.

Let’s light the spark of the anarcho-syndicalist union and solidarity!
Long live the anarcho-syndicalism ! Long live the CNT! Long live the IWA!